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Optimising a Facebook business page

April 3, 2017



You’ve just created a Facebook page for your business and wondering what to do next. Here’s some tips to make the most of your page and optimise it for search.

  • Complete your about section. The first 140 characters of this section on your business page, is used as a description for links leading to your profile in search engine results. It is important that you keep your keywords for your business in mind when writing this to encourage visitors to click through.
  • Change you URL. When you set up an account on facebook a URL is automatically generated for you.  By matching your URL with the page title it will strengthen your business name and brand.
  • Include the phone number,  address and opening hours. By adding the address to your profile it helps index your business for local search results. The opening hours are useful for the customer to know when they can contact you, even more so with a brick and mortar business.
  • Don’t forget to add your website too as this will appear automatically under the about section when people visit your facebook page.
  • Make use of the call to action buttons. Facebook lets you add one of the following: book now, contact us, use app, play game, shop now, sign up & watch video. You then chose the destination landing page where you want the person to click though to such as a landing page for a lead magnet or a website.
  • Design a relevant cover for your page. Although this won’t affect the SEO of your social media, it will help give your profile a professional image and is another opportunity to put things like website and logo.

How to organise your files in Google Drive

January 11, 2017


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