If you’re looking for someone to help lighten your workload, Tanya is for you. Smart, knowledgable and fast, she delivered exactly what I asked for and more. As a small business owner, I often find it hard to delegate ‘work’ to others, sometimes I feel it takes longer to explain what I need, than to actually do it myself. Not with Tanya. She immediately got what I needed, which was, in all honesty, a massive weight off my shoulders and a breath of fresh air.

Liz Goodchild
Liz Goodchild Life Coaching

Working with Tanya is a pleasure, nothing is too much for her to take on. With excellent communication skills and her exceptional marketing skills gained me a foot in the door to new business opportunities. Highly recommended and a huge asset to any company.

Nigel Bray
Business Development Manager
BWC Aluminium

Tanya does exactly what her service promises – gives you more hours in your day.

Tanya has undertaken a range of work on my behalf: administrative, market research and accounts entry. She handled all of these tasks diligently and professionally.

Tanya strikes the right balance of working independently and checking back to make sure she is on track. Her ability to ‘pick up and run with it’ has really been tested with some of the work I have given her – and she has delivered. To the extent that I have peace of mind that those tasks are truly taken care of.

As a bonus, Tanya has been open to new ways of working, e.g. learning and using task management software such as Trello. This has strengthened our working relationship.

Tanya has been a real pleasure to work with. No matter how stressful the task at hand, we manage to have a laugh. And that has made all the difference for me.

Prabha Rathinasabapathy
Founder – System of Motion

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