What type of tasks would I outsource to you?

Take a look at the services page to get an idea of some of the services I offer, What I do for each client will vary, some want me a certain amount of hours a week and others just to do certain tasks/projects. If you are unsure then give me a call and we can talk it through I can give some ideas.

How will we keep in touch?

This will vary by client. From the outset I will ask what your preferred method of communication is i.e. phone, email, Skype for regular meetings, whether you are only contactable within certain hours and that is how we will work.

What training will be required?

When we have the first consultation I will tell you if I am experienced in that area or not, so generally no training is required. However if it is something that you particularly want me to do and I don’t already know how, I will assess if it’s something I can learn quickly.

You don’t live near by so how will we have meetings?

If you are local I can of course pop into your office, however most consultations/meetings are by Skype. This way we can schedule the call and if needed share screens to show information if necessary.

How will you share information or send me documents/files you have been working on?

Generally this is done either by email or via Dropbox. Alternatively I can use wetransfer if they are very large files

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